How to get Multipass selected in Render Settings

  • On 20/03/2016 at 11:50, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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    Cinema 4D Version:   17 
    Platform:   Windows  ;   
    Language(s) :       PYTHON  ;

    Hi, guys!
    How to get Multipass selected in Render Settings?
    i try this code, but it don't works. What's wrong?

    import c4d
    def main() :
        rd = doc.GetActiveRenderData()
        vp = rd.GetFirstMultipass()
        while vp:
            if vp.GetTypeName() == 'Object Buffer' and vp.GetBit(c4d.BIT_ACTIVE) :
                print vp.GetName()
            vp = vp.GetNext()
    if __name__=='__main__':

  • On 20/03/2016 at 18:14, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Have you simply checked to see if vp.GetBit(c4d.BIT_ACTIVE) works (without name checking)?
    If not, it is possible that this state is not set for MultipassObjects.

  • On 21/03/2016 at 06:33, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    the bit you are looking for is actually BIT_VPDISABLED instead of BIT_ACTIVE. Also note the inverted logic of that bit (true means "not enabled").

    Hope you don't mind, I have moved the thread into the Python subforum.

  • On 24/03/2016 at 15:25, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Thanks, guys!

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