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Cinema 4D Version:   R14 
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Hi folks,

are the icons native to C4D available for use across all versions (i.e. Prime-to-Studio)? I know the plugins themselves aren't, but are the icons?


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when you register a plugin you use a function like RegisterObjectPlugin(). This function also defines the icon of the registered plugin. So if a plugin is not registered at all, also its icon is not registered and available.

Other icons defined in Cinema's core might be available in all versions.

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But I think all of these are available in all versions:

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The icons are available in a TIF image with reference text in modules/c4dplugin/icons while some other images are in modules/c4dplugin/bmp.   Icon images for specific modules reside in their specific module folder.

As Sebastian notes, availability may be ubiquitous or they may only be registered as icons dependent upon version.

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Niklas - a handy list to have there, bookmarked!

Saves a bit of effort if there's already one available for use, keeps things consistent. In a way it's a small pity all icons aren't available across the board, but probably fair enough. Thanks Folk!