GVO, playback and rendering

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Hi Folks!

Is there an alternative to CheckIsRunning() that I can use inside of my object's GVO function? I can't use CheckIsRunning() because that seems to be global, and it causes my "if" statements to trip up when I'm rendering other documents. Is there another way here?

Similarly, is there something for viewport playback as well? I may be needing to get info out of my object from documents in memory, and don't want another documents playback tripping up my object GVO satements/flags.



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You can check the BUILDFLAGS for external rendering.


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I'm not completely convinced that it is a good idea to use CheckIsRunning() in GVO.
Can you provide us with some more detail, what you are trying to achieve and what you are checking for in GVO?
In the end GVO is called in all kinds of different contexts and I'm not sure it's a good idea to have different outcome, just because another task is running in parallel or not. Not even talking about waiting in GVO (an absolute NoNo!).

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Hi Niklas - the external render build flag seems to have sorted out the first part, thanks!

Hi Andreas - re CheckIsRunning() - that's why I was looking for another way ;)

In my plugin, I'd like to switch to a lower polygon object during playback. Dealing with the low poly object isn't a problem. But I can't seem to find anything that'll let me test for timeline playback other than the global CheckIsRunning(). Is there anything else that can do this that's local to my object/scene?


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actually C4D automatically switches to displaying isoparms only, if scene update gets too slow. So if you provide a correct isoparm representation (BUILDFLAGS_ISOPARM), this could already help.
Then it's probably a good idea to do a (or multiple) TestBreak() in your GVO, so C4D has a chance to interrupt GVO.
Maybe then you could use the result from TestBreak() to switch to a lower res version in the next run (if still needed). Or what I did quite some time ago, when I detected an interruption, I) kept my progress, so I could continue at that very point on the next GVO (your dirty state evaluation needs to be rock solid then). Just ideas though.

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Hi Andreas,

Ideas are good! What I've done is made a statement that checks CheckIsRunning() for the animation flag, as well as checking the active document against the passed hh->GetDocument(). I think this is as close as I'll get. If I find any drawbacks with this, then I'll remove it. It's not a must-have as far as the plugin is concerned, just a handy thing for the user to have access to that's all.