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On 12/02/2016 at 09:17, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hey all ^^

so basically what I want to do is reading a file with some settings that the user can change/define.
However, I tried it with a hyperfile by first writing the file and then trying to read it.
This works fine, but my problem is, first, that everything is in one line, and second, the file is decrypted.
And in the python documentation i haven't found anything on how to change lines or just read a normal txt file without decryption.

Hopefully you understand what I mean ^^


On 12/02/2016 at 09:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

The HyperFile is a convenient class for writing binary structured data to a file with support for
different datatypes, not suited for writing raw bytes or ascii. Use the Python open() function instead.

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hey Niklas,

thanks for your help!