Export to UE4 from C4d with FBX 2010 vs FBX 2016

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    Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with FBX 2010 vs FBX 2016 but 2010 Wins 
    Hi Guys , 
    Plz Watch this, Plus i Know I am helping at the same time with this video lol.
    Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with c4d fbx 6.1 2010 and it works like a Pro ,it export the textures and even the textures are compiling it right, every is be setup Color channel, Luminance channel, reflectance or Spec.. channel and Normal channel for the material, works fine, which is great but when i try to use 7.4 2014 or 7.5 2016 , it dont work right.
    So just take 10 mins of your time and wacth this plz.
    Cheers ,
    AP Ashton, by CGI ART


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    I think, this is rather a support question and should be asked there. I don't see any SDK related question in here.

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