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Cinema 4D Version:   R13 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;

Hello all,
In Attribute window, when I rotate mouse wheel (over a combobox control) the value is changing and I want to inhib this operation.

On Message(const BaseContainer& msg, BaseContainer& result) method (inherited from iCustomGui),

if I rotate mouse wheel
LONG ch = msg.GetLong( BFM_INPUT_CHANNEL );
the result is ch = 0;
My expectaction was ch = 100 (which means "BFM_INPUT_MOUSEWHEEL")

If I click on mouse wheel the result is ch = 3 (which means "BFM_INPUT_MOUSEMIDDLE")

Can you help me please, why the result is 0 when I rotate the wheel?
Or do you have an other ideea how to do?

Thank you,

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in a GeDialog (same for your iCustomGui) this is roughly how expected it to work:

You check the incoming message:
msg.GetId() == BFM_INPUT

You check the device:

And then check the channel:

Seems to work quite well here. If you continue to have this issue, can you please reveal a bit more of your message function?

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and sorry for my delay...

On "Command" method (from "class MyClass: public iCustomGui") I have:

Bool MyClass::Command(LONG id, const BaseContainer &msg;)
   switch (id){
      case IDC_COMBO_WPROP_TYPE:    
        //here is my combobox and over it I rotate the mouse wheel
        LONG lId = msg.GetId();
        if (lId == BFM_INPUT)
        int a = 5;   // something

LONG chn = msg.GetLong( BFM_INPUT_CHANNEL );
     if (chn == BFM_INPUT_MOUSEWHEEL)
        int i = 9;   // something
   return iCustomGui::Command(id, msg);

Here "lId" is 0x62414354 = "bACT" which means "BFM_ACTION" not "BFM_INPUT"

Can I see on "Command()" if the mouse wheel is rotated?

Thank you,

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and chn is 0

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I could be wrong about this.
But if you're trying to test for the rotating mouse wheel while hovering over a gizmo on a GeDialog. I don't believe that's possible.
I think the gizmo's ability to catch mouse wheel values is private. And not supported in the SDK.

The only places I know where we can catch the rotation values of the mouse wheel are:
-The Editor view
-A User Area attached to a GeDialog

Detecting it anywhere else would require coding directly to your OS.
But I could be wrong.


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Thank you Scott for your info

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In Attributes window I have some comboboxes like in the below attached picture (inherited from iCustomGui) and I want to inhibit the changing of values when I rotate the wheel of mouse over combobox.


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I'm really not sure what the issue is. I mean, as you wrote, you already get the BFM_ACTION in your Command() function, when using the mousewheel on the combobox.
I tried it here, in a GeDialog and it works just as expected.
In your code example, you are of course evaluating things, that are not there. You are checking for BFM_INPUT and regardless of the result you try to evaluate the channel.
Instead, you should evaluate, what you have received, as you said BFM_ACTION.
And in my tests here, if the message ID is BFM_ACTION, I can simply read the BFM_ACTION_VALUE to get the new value of the combobox.

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Hi Andreas,
Yes, you are right that I didn't evaluate correctly the result of BFM_INPUT... I did only some tests...

My combobox is added in "CreateLayout()" with "AddComboBox" (which is from GeDialog)

Bool iWidgetPropertyGui::CreateLayout( )

Is it possible to have this behaviour because I use Cinema4D R13 variant?

Thank you,

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Well, usually we don't support versions older versions than the current one.
But I don't see a reason, why it shouldn't work in R13. Haven't tried it though.

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To be more explicit this is my window and in green area I can catch "BFM_INPUT_MOUSEWHEEL" and "BFM_INPUT" messages.

I understand that the combobox consumes this message and it is not forwarded...