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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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Hello Cinema community!

Now I start working on Cinema UI integration with my shader system. Many things are clear and thanks for that to developers! But there is one issue:
When I write


it then displays as shown on the Figure 1 :

Based on Cinema's ShaderData class I have created a shader of my custom type "engineBSDF" (which has many parameters similar to the concept of Cinema material).
I have also created "engineMaterial" based on Cinema's MaterialData class (which has many layers which can be of only engineBSDF type). And only this engineMaterial can be applied to scene objects.

In the res file corresponding to engineMaterial I have written several SHADERLINKs that are supposed to be used to connect engineBSDF as layers to engineMaterial. 
But SHADERLINK produces in GUI 3 clickable buttons:

  1. a button (where you can select one of many shader types) (#1 on Fig 1)
  2. a long button with name of shader (#2 on Fig 1)
  3. button with "..." (#3 on Fig 1). 
    Basically I don't want #2 and #3 to be there. Or at least it is good to choose my preferred shader type when user clicks #2 or #3 rather than Cinema's bitmap file.

What flags for SHADERLINK should I use and how?

Thanks a lot!

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I don't think you can change the gui exhibited as it is. You won't get around creating your own customgui or datatype for this.

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Hi Katachi,

After digging a lot I can conclude it seems to be so. But dynamic tabs that can be done inside material interface make reaching my target possible: implementing many layers for material. It is also quite convenient too.

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actually it is possible to only display the popup button of the SHADERLINK parameter. This is done by setting the "POPUP_ONLY" flag


best wishes,

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Thanks for the info Sebastian! Didn't know that. It would be so great if all these resource flags were documented..

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At least you can use ResEdit for it. ;)

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Oh, great! Thanks, Sebastian and Niklas!
Please, can you also show a link with tutorial on how to install and use ResEdit?

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Nice tip Niklas! : )