Finding a camera under a null and activate it

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Hi Community,

i have a noobish python question, but maybe someone can help me out:

i have a certain null object and somewhere under that null is a camera.
I now need some code which iterates through the hierarchy of that null (starting from that null), testing if there's a camera nested and then activate it as scene camera.

I know how to activate the Camera with SetSceneCamera() but i'm stuck in this iteration process.

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:
Greetings, Martin

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Scroll down to the Python section on this page:


EDIT: Corrected url

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@Bonsak: you links is broken. You find the content of the former C4DProgramming blog now also on

There are ways for both recursive and non-recursive hierarchy iterations:

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Thanks Sebastian and bonsak! That should help!

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@Sebastian Thanks.