Object Data Plugin Help [SOLVED]

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here is my problem:

I have made an object and in the .res file I made a button that should, when pushed, open a seperate plugin, and I don't really know how to do that. Do I have to write the code into the ObjectData's Execute method or where do I have to write my code?

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On 25/12/2015 at 12:52, xxxxxxxx wrote:

No, in the "Message" method. Straight from the python doc:

def Message(self, node, type, data) :   
    if type==c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND:   
        if data['id'][0].id==THE_BUTTON_ID:   
            print "Pushed button with command ID", THE_BUTTON_ID   
    return True   

The method "Message" is inherited from NodeData.

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as Cairyn shows, the button is catched in NodeData.Message().

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Hello S_Bach, 
sorry for the late answer, I had to much work to do for school, that I could't even take a look in the forum and wrire a reply, really sry for that!

But yes, my question was answered, thank you two ^^

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