Exporting Alembic

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Hello all and happy holidays,

I made a plugin for the other freelancers at work, here, that just outputs some metadata to get picked up in other programs, and now I'm trying to export an .abc file along with said data, but I'm having trouble figuring it out.  I would just have the C4D user manually export the scene as an Alembic and forget about it, but because our file structure is, ehh, extensive and since this is all being done "under the hood", I'd like to handle it in the plugin.

I found this one-click fbx post, but there are a few things I don't understand and can't find documentation for.  Does anyone know if there's an Alembic export script lying around that I can glean from?  I don't mind the options dialog (though I don't mind setting those by script, either); I'm just trying to avoid the save location window.


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There's a script in the SDK examples that shows how to export an Alembic file: it's ExportAlembic.py
This script can also be found in the Python SDK documentation archive (examples folder).

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Well, that is embarrassing.  Thanks, Yannick; I can only say that I posted that on Friday and was abnormally brain tired, heheh.


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No worries! Feel free to post any question even if it's Friday 🙂