Documentation on encoding of layout files

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The python and R 16 coffee docs

state that
The string files are stored in Unicode UTF-8, ....

There is no other note. But the c++ documentation


_The string files are stored in Unicode, which means that they handle almost every language there is.

    The encoding is 7-bit ASCII with other characters encoded as \uHHHH. For example 'Natürlich' is written 'Nat\u00fcrlich'. Byte-order marks are not used._

So the encoding is actually 7-bit ASCII. This information is missing in the python and coffee docs. On a side note, i think the sentence "The string files are stored in Unicode" is not clear enough. It should probably read "Strings are internally represented in Unicode, which means ..." "However, string table files are encoded in 7-bit ASCII. Non-ASCII characters are written as \uHHH. For example ..."

Merry XMas,

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I am using German umlauts äöüÄÖÜ directly in string files for a while. Used to be 7bit but it is not any more.

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Hi Michael,

The information in the SDKs documentation for the encoding of resource and string files will be updated with the actual encoding used.

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I had some trouble with non-ASCII chars on my Mac. Hence i found this section in the docs. Now i properly use \uxxxx and it works on Mac and Pc. It also works with R17, fortunately 🙂