How to scale primitives?

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If you scale primitive objects with the Scale Tool or the Coordinates Manager, it is not the matrix
that is changed, but the Size/Radius/whatever parameters on the object. How is that accomplished?
Are the primitives supported natively, and each is handled seperately, or is there an API function or
message to use?


EDIT: Corrected minor typo in topic title "How to scale primitves?"

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Any element description that uses UNIT METERS; flag will automatically react to the scale tool in Cinema 4D.

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I see! Thanks! :)

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Hi Niklas,

I just wanted to confirm that Katachi is right.
The internal process to scale primitives checks the unit of each of the object parameter to scale and expects it to use UNIT METER;
Note it also checks for the presence of FORBID_SCALING; of course.