How to use a variable that is defined later?

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Hey all,

I have a dialog with a user area and a slider (and some other things that don't matter ^^ ). In the user area I am projecting a renderd picture and I want that the slider is like a quality slider (It should change the size of the image projected in the user area).

My problem now, is that the picture for the user area is rendered and drawn in an seperate class which is the first one in my file, but the slider is in the actual dialog class and I don't know, how I get its data in my render class.

I hope that someone can help me c:


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You can first define a function named SetQuality(quality) for instance in your render class.
Then the render class should be used in the dialog or user area class so you can call renderclass.SetQuality() to pass the quality value from the slider in the dialog.