UV edit via point selection

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the UVW tag does not store UV coordinates for each vertex. It stores UV coordinates for each polygon. So the "i" argument of SetSlow() is no point index but a polygon index. You have to find out which polygon's UVs you want to edit.

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Hi Sebastion

Thanks for the help, thought it was the wrong index; however instead of sticking to the point selection, it is early enough to make this a poly selection. I can now move the desired polys.
Wondering how to keep face neighbours, to stretch the uv's currently the selections just move to the desired location and leave the rest in situ.

any help would be appreciated

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There's an Edit option for Posts. 🙂

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Thanks Niklas

Don't know if you have any ideas regarding this, I have managed to achieve a certain level of understanding now however the holy grail seems to be in how to use the point selection to select the A B C and D sections of the uv coords

a = uvwdict['a']
something like for point in point selection if selection is in A or is A


all the information is there just very convoluted

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I have now solved this it was much easier than expected
thanks guys have a great christmas