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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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There are some messages that are received from CoreMessage but are not mentioned in ge_prepass.h

When are these messages triggered ? I have searched the whole framework and couldn't find any reference for them.

Thank you for your time.

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Those messages could either be private or possibly a plugin, so there may be no way for you to know.

Cactus Dan

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One way to know would be to remove all 'third-part' plugins and see if the messages persist.  If they do, then they are almost assuredly private messages.

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Hi guys,

another way to know would be to ask SDK Support... oh wait, you already did :wink:

1018484 internally is MSG_PSLIDER_UPDATE, which is for internal use and is basically sent together with EVMSG_CHANGE (and a few other messages).

1970300003 (0x75706463, 'updc') : BFM_CORE_UPDATECOMMANDS (updates all command buttons), it's being send, when icons need to be updated.

1431323715 (0x55504443, 'UPDC') : internal message BFM_UPDATECONSOLE, and it's send, when the Console dialog needs to be updated.

I don't think, you should (or need to) care about these messages. All of them have pretty specific internal use and are not really meant for public use.

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My next question was going to be why are you concerned about these messages.  One suspects over-reaching control but I could be mistaken.

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Thank you for your replies !
I need to do some calculations when any object of the hierarchy changes.
I will do it in document recalculated event.

Thnx again.

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What scope of changes?  Most existing messages will notify of creation/deletion/transforms/modifications. Even plugin changes should invoke some message from C4D unless implemented poorly (no AddUndo() or something).  I would use what is available and worry about outliers if they materialize.