How to load Rendersettings from an external file?

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so I got around the Idea to insert rendersettings from an external file, wich is located in the res folder of my plugin. 
I tried it with Mergedocument but this doesn't merge the rendersettings.
I also tried some other things, but no one worked
And I don't want it to load a new file either.

So is there a way?


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could you explain what exactly do you mean with "from an external file"? Do you mean another *.c4d file?

Then you could use LoadDocument() to load that file to memory and read its render settings with  GetActiveRenderData(). With that settings you can synchronize the settings of the target document.

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What about creating a new render setting via Python and setting the parameters you want in the script?

Here is a sample of one I created as part of another script.  newDoc at the end is the new document I had created that I was inserting the render settings into.  You might use doc instead if the current document you are inserting the render settings into.

def renderSettings() :
    dNewRD = documents.RenderData() # create new render setting 
    dNewRD.SetName("Render Library Preview")
    sketch = c4d.BaseList2D(1011015) #object id found by GetType()
    dNewRD.InsertVideoPostLast(sketch)# add S&T to render setting
    dNewRD[c4d.RDATA_AATHRESHOLD] = .04
    dNewRD[c4d.RDATA_PATH] = targetPath + "/" + objName + ".c4d"
    newDoc.InsertRenderData(dNewRD) # insert new render setting into document
    newDoc.SetActiveRenderData(dNewRD) #set new setting as the active render setting

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was your question answered?

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