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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;  XPRESSO  ;

1. How to view information about the error in Xpress node (title Naudet becomes highlighted in yellow) ?

2. Where in the code it is necessary to call the method
void SetNodeSize ( GvNode * node, Int32 width, Int32 height ) 
to resize the node when you create a node ?

3. How to create a node to show the names of the ports, but not the text "Node Title" ?
Now we have to create a node, and then select
Ports -> Show Names

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could you please explain a little bit more what you are doing? Are you creating a new, custom Xpresso node class (GvOperatorData) or are you just creating instances of already existing classes? Could you please post some complete code?

I'm not aware of any further debug options or debug information that is presented when an error with an Xpresso node occurs.

SetNodeSize() is a member of GvNodeGUI. So you only can use this function if you are creating and handling your own GeDialog that contains a node GUI element (see GeDialog example).

Can you explain your third question? What kind of node are us using there?

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1. Not good news.

2. project file Node.rar?dl=0

3. I do not know how else to explain

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Hello Sebastian
I'm trying to help Ferrisgeneral  in social network

One of question(#2) was - can we modify size of node body from code?
i tried to access by GetBodySize, clearly do not understand how declare width and height

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We have lack of graphview samples in sdk examples...(from several posters of this forum and Niklas's XpressoEffector, thanks them)

I tried by such method to overide node-body's size

void FSMNode::GetBodySize(GvNode *bn, Int32 *width, Int32 *height)  
  Int32 *w_n, *h_n;    
  if (this->Get())  
      *((Int32* )w_n) = 10;  
      *((Int32* )h_n) = 20;  
      return this->GetBodySize(bn, w_n, h_n);  
      return GePrint("Error - we have not node to resize");  

it crashed

What did i make wrong?

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it would be really helpful if you would describe your project and would go into more detail about your questions. Without detailed information one cannot know what you want to do and no one can help you.

What exactly do you want to show us with your project file?

@Ilya: GetBodySize() is called when a node is created in the Xpresso Editor window.

void GetBodySize(GvNode* bn, Int32*  width,Int32*  height )  
 *width = 300;  
 *height = 300;  

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Hello Sebastian
Thank you

Ferrisgeneral, as i understood, is starting to study c4d sdk... but start was from graphview module. It is one of his favorite subject in c4d and as i know he is teaching newbies by his tutorials of xpresso in social network

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Sebastian's response (code) was exactly what I was going to put up with the node about *initial* size.

@Sebastian: Is GVNodeGUI.SetNodeSize() pertinent in any way to the question?

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Thank you Sebastian and Ilya, happened to set the size of the node to create.

On the third question, the question is also resolved. I comment out the method
virtual Bool iCreateOperator(GvNode *bn);

PS: I want to write node - Finite State Machine, for implementing the procedural animation based on events. But while the deal in the SDK is difficult for me.

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as said, SetNodeSize is only relevant if you manage a Node GUI in your own GeDialog. So it is not relevant for this thread.

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What method you need to call to change the "Title Color" ?

I tried to use the method of
virtual const Vector GetBodyColor(GvNode * bn)
it changes the color of the body node, but not the title


Project: Node_2.rar?dl=0

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Thanks Ilya, did not think that ID_GVBASE_COLOR is the color of the title.

Ilya Pic:

My Pic: