Make editable geometry with Rigid Body Tag

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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I have an emitter object with a sphere as a child and "Show Objects" enabled in emitter object.
The sphere child has a Rigid Body Tag applied.
I start the animation and the produced sphers start falling.
After 30 frames I need to make the sphere editable, but when I do it's like the rigid body tag is not applied.

I make editable using the SendModelingCommand or by pressing "C" on the sphere.

What can I do either using the Interface or via code to make editable the falling spheres ?

Thank you for your time.

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What do you mean by "after 30 frames I need to make the sphere editable"?

Making something editable normally affects the whole timeline of the object. I wouldn't use it in the course of an animation; this may have strange side effects (like the rigid body tag losing its setup). And you can't just roll back the animation to frame 0 without also using undos to revert the effects of the "make editable" command.

Why aren't your spheres editable from the beginning?

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The expression "after 30 frames" was just an example to point out that the animation was running for 30 frames and the spheres start to fall down due to gravity.

How can I make the sphere editable at any time and keep their position (which is affected by gravity) ?

Even though the sphere (child of Emitter Object), has been moved by gravity, when i make it editable, i get a result as it didn't have a Rigid Body tag.

Thank you.

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Still not sure what you really want. I have set up an emitter with a sphere below it, the sphere has a rigid body tag, the sphere is made editable, I run the timeline, the whole thing works as expected. (Editable spheres fall down, collide properly with something.)

If you want gravity to affect the spheres only after 30 frames total, you can animate the project's Gravity setting. If you want gravity to have a local effect, you can use a Gravity object with a falloff.

If you mean that the spheres are supposed to activate their dynamics after 30 frames of their relative lifetime, I'm not sure whether that works... I tried it with this simple example, and the dynamics tag can neither be controlled by keyframes nor by XPresso. Maybe you need to use Thinking Particles for that.

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I use an emitter with a sphere child and Show Objects enabled. Sphere has a rigid body tag.
I run the animation and the spheres start falling.
After N frames (lets say 30), i make the sphere editable. 
The position of the spheres after the "make editable" step doesn't take into consideration the rigid body tag. It's the same result as when the rigid body tag is not present.

I need it to create my own renderer and I have to convert the hierarchy into polygons.

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why don't you simply access the cache of the Emitter object and iterate through the objects in the cache? These object are the ones that are moved by the dynamics simulation.

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