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Hi everyone,

I would like to select every ninth point of an object and save it in a selection tag. So far I managed to save points, which I selected with the live selection tool, in a selection tag.

Where I am struggling is to do the selection with python. I looked through the SDK but cannot really find the command for selecting points by index. I thought I might find it in the PointObject area, but it doesn't seem so, it is always regarding to already selected points. Could anyone give me a little hint?

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python tag on a spline object

sp = op.GetObject()  
points = sp.GetPointS()  

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please post Python related question in the proper sub-forum. We will move this thread.

As shown by Mohamed, the (point) selection properties of an object are stored in a BaseSelect object that is accessed with GetPointS(). This object stores for each selectable element if it is selected or not. A element of a certain index can be selected with Select().

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thanks a lot for your help :slightly_smiling_face: I'll already tried it on a spline and it works. Now I will try the rest of it.

@ Sebastian, sorry, I didn't mean to post it in the wrong sub forum. Thanks for removing it.

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