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    How can I call MODATA_FLAGS data? I'm trying to check with python effector is the clone visible or not.

    def main() :  
      md = mo.GeGetMoData(op)  
      if md==None: return False  
      cnt = md.GetCount()  
      marr = md.GetArray(c4d.MODATA_MATRIX)  
      farr = md.GetArray(c4d.MODATA_FLAGS)  
      for i in xrange(cnt) :  
          if (farr(c4d.MOGENFLAG_CLONE_ON)) :  

    I get "TypeError: 'list' object is not callable"

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    if farr[i] == 1:  


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    MODATA_FLAGS stores a bit mask. You find an example on how to edit the bits in the "Push Apart Effector" example. You also find symbols for the bits in the documentation.

    A simple effector that hides every second clone could look like this:

    md = mo.GeGetMoData(op)  
    if md is None: return False  
    farr = md.GetArray(c4d.MODATA_FLAGS)  
    cnt = md.GetCount()  
    for i in xrange(0, cnt) :  
         if i % 2 == 1:  
                 farr[i] &= ~(c4d.MOGENFLAG_CLONE_ON)  
    md.SetArray(c4d.MODATA_FLAGS, farr, True)  

    You find more information on bit manipulation in the Python Wiki.

    best wishes,

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    Hello aturtur,

    was your question answered?

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    Yes, thank you!

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