Change InExclude flag icon dynamically?

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Cinema 4D Version:   16 
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I am trying to dynamically change the icon of an inexclude flag using inex->GetData(obj_index)->SetLong(IN_EXCLUDE_FLAG_IMAGE_01_ON, new_icon_id);

However, this doesn't seem to work.
furthermore always returns 0 (even though an icon id is assigned).

Is it possible? And if so what is the correct way of accessing this data?


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Could it be that IN_EXCLUDE_FLAG_IMAGE_01_ON is a description id which I can only access per Inexclude element (e.g. via GetParameterI())? Makes sense I guess.

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a custom GUI displays the value of a parameter. But how that custom GUI looks like also depends on the parameter description. So for example a slider displays the value of a float parameter. The details of that slider are not stored with the float parameter but in the parameter description.

The same is true for the InExclude parameter and GUI. The state of the flags is defined in the parameter itself. What icon is used for what flag is defined in the parameter description. So you can easily edit the icons used in GetDDescription() :

BaseContainer* bc;  
bc = desc->GetParameterI(DescLevel(MY_LIST), nullptr);  
if (bc)  

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Thanks Sebasitian for your answer.

Yeah, I figured but unfortunately it's not enough for me because it will change the first icon for all entries of the according InExclude list. I was looking for a way to change that icon per entry and then noticed it won't work of course.