RMB on inexclude flag? [SOLVED]

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Hi there,

is there a way to detect or respond to a RMB click on an InExclude element flag? Or any click at all?
Browsing the docs I cannot find any corresponding message.


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are you talking about an In/Exclude in a description or a GeDialog? In a GeDialog, clicking on the flags in the InExclude GUI will call the parent dialog's Command() function.

The state of the flags is part of the data stored by the InExclude data. So when one changes the flags, the parameter is changed. In a NodeData based plugin MSG_DESCRIPTION_POSTSETPARAMETER is sent after one changed the flags.

Both the left and the right mouse button will switch the state of the flag so there is no distinction between these two.

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Sorry, yes, I am in a description.

And thanks, that should be enough for me to work with I guess. Gotta check the according states myself then for distinction.

However, it would be nice to have an element specific message in case of a click on such a flag. Sorry that should have gone into feature requests probably.