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is that possible to build a render plugin calling standard c4d renderer routines, only to have different frame distribution. i want frames to be distributed between machines using odd-even frames fashion. existing team render does not have such feature. so i want my plugin to be kind of interface/wrapper/controller to have my job done.

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welcome to the Plugin Café forums :slightly_smiling_face:

It's not possible to change the way Team Render distributes frames to the machines.

But maybe you want to try something else. It's just an idea, I tested very roughly. Instead of a render videopost, use a simple CommandData plugin:

  1. Select only the machines you want to render even frames (Machine::SetGlobalSelected())
  2. Now, issue a render to the render queue with "Frame From" set to zero and "Frame Step" set to two.
  3. Start this render.
  4. Select the TR clients for odd frames.
  5. Issue another render to the render queue with "Frame From" set to one and "Frame Step" set to two.
  6. Start the second render.

As said before, it's just an idea, but maybe it works for you.

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do you mean building Project by Cloning cinema4dsdk ?

will this guide\_-\_my_C%2B%2B_plugins
be right way?

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i am pretty new to the subject. but i got some c++ programming skills. but as You sure know, programing is 50%, the other part is working around the system, and organizing the environment, configuring project ide settings with sdk. is there c++ the best solution, or you talking bout python maybe. i know nothing in python. since i gues c++ plugin woud be best solution. would you possibly pick the place on the net to get working starting framework for buliding this? thank you.

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actually you should already have a working framework :slightly_smiling_face:
Cinema 4D (any version, even the demo) comes with the C++ SDK, which contains the cinema.framework (basically providing you with the API), project files and example plugins.

In order to get started, first compile the example plugins (cinema4dsdk found in the plugins folder of your C4D installation). The Visual Studio solution and the Xcode project file are included in this directory.

Now, I'd suggest to study these examples a bit (at least the ones, that have something in common with your future plugin, in your case for example those derived from CommandData).

Then set up your new project by cloning like described in the article you linked.