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  • On 27/10/2015 at 09:22, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    User Information:
    Cinema 4D Version:   15+ 
    Language(s) :     C++  ;

    I want to get Caches of all objects, consider this simple case:

    \+ HyperNurbs  
    \+ + Cube  
    \+ + Tube  

    in this case, HyberNurbs affects the Cube only, and ignores the Tube
    when generating Cache "by iterating all objects", this is what I get:

    HyperNurbs Cube Cache  
    Cube Cache    <<< I want to ignore this, as it is a HyberNurbs(generator) dependency  
    Tube Cache  

    I want to ignore the Cube Cache, as the Cube itself is already used inside the HyperNurbs, any ideas?

  • On 28/10/2015 at 03:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    so it would be something similar to this "but I didn't find any function that can do this in the SDK, probably I missed?"

    BaseObject* a;//our generator  
    BaseObject* b;//any child to the generator a  
    Bool checkdependency(b, a);  

    pretty straight forward, any help?

  • On 28/10/2015 at 03:28, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    I guess I found the solution "but I need a confirmation though, as I think I'm a bit lucky "
    it is:

    BaseObject* op;  
    op->GetBit(BIT_CONTROLOBJECT);//this object is used by a generator  

  • On 28/10/2015 at 07:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Mohamed,

    you are a bit too fast for me.
    Yes, I think, you can use the BIT_CONTROLOBJECT. BUT not directly. In general a generator object will mark it's input objects with the BIT_CONTROLOBJECT. But the generator object has this bit set as well.
    Example (* means BIT_CONTROLOBJECT is set, # means it's not) :

    \+ HyperNurbs  *
    \+ + Poly1 *
    \+ + Poly2 #

    looks good so far... next example:

    version a) :
    \+ HyperNurbs  *
    \+ + Cube *
    \+ + Poly #
    version b) :
    \+ HyperNurbs  *
    \+ + Poly *
    \+ + Cube *

    And with your example:

    \+ HyperNurbs *
    \+ + Cube *
    \+ + Tube *

    Now comes the fun part, examine the caches of the generators:

    \+ HyperNurbs *
    \+ + Cube.GetCache() *
    \+ + Tube.GetCache() #

    So, yes, you can use the BIT_CONTROLOBJECT to find the information you want, but it can get a bit complicated depending on the cache structure. Remember there are also DeformCaches.

    I hope, it works for you.

  • On 28/10/2015 at 07:35, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Andreas,

    thanks for clarifications, it works for me very well "for generators, I get cache first.."
    one related question, how to get the cache of render subdivision

    for example like in HyperNurbs, when I GetCache() for it, it returns the editor subdivison BaseObject.

  • On 28/10/2015 at 07:42, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    I guess it can be done by using GetCache(HH) , not sure though how should I fill it? "I guess it is filled by the GetCache.."

  • On 29/10/2015 at 11:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Mohamed,

    you can use ExecutePasses() with the BUILDFLAGS_EXTERNALRENDERER flag.
    Another option would be to use the Hierarchy class.

  • On 29/10/2015 at 16:19, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    thanks Andreas, you can consider this solved

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