RegisterDescription for ToolData plugins

On 22/10/2015 at 08:48, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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is it possible to register a decription for a ToolData plugin? It should display some settings when the user activates the tool, but it can't make it work.

So far i have created resource definition files (*.res, *.h in .\res\resource and *.str in \res\strings_us\description).

After that i call c4d.plugins.RegisterDescription() and c4d.plugins.RegisterToolPlugin() with the same plugin ID and the description name.

The plugin gets instanciated and i can click around and receive messages etc. but the description is not displayed in the Attribute Manager, despite RegisterDescription() returning true.

Do i miss anything, or is there another way to do this?

Thanks, Heinrich.

On 22/10/2015 at 09:09, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I found it myself, like described here:

c4d.plugins.ToolData.AllocSubDialog() works just fine for my needs.