Layer Manager [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   16 
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I want to read out all Layers from the Layer Manager. Also I want to add new layers, remove and rename. I found the LayerSet in the SDK:

But I don't know how to use it? Does someone has an example for me?


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No code but LayerData is where you want to begin.  You can get the root layer (a list head) of the Document using BaseDocument::GetLayerObjectRoot().  Search here for GetLayerObjectRoot for some topics and code.

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I figured out how it works:

      GeListHead* layerList = NULL;  
      layerList = doc->GetLayerObjectRoot();      
      LayerObject *layer = (LayerObject* )layerList->GetFirst();   //Get the first layer  
      const LayerData *data = layer->GetLayerData(doc, FALSE);    //Get the layer's container   
      while (layer) {  
          layer = layer->GetNext();  

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Layers are not just stored in a list but actually in a tree. So to get all layers you also need to check the child layers with GetDown().

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