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Where can i find the IDS of all nodes ?
I can see that Ocube has an ID of 5159 which is defined in ge_prepass.h
But i can't find where the mographs are defined.

Thank you.

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there is no central file in the API that hosts all IDs of everything. MoGraph for example is a separate module that has it own header files etc.

A central place for IDs is the "Customize Commands" dialog. It contains the commands used to create objects. These commands have the same ID as the created object. So for example the ID of the MoGraph cloner is 1018544.

You can also find out the ID of a given node by creating that node and using GetType().

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In this dialog i can find what i need.
Thank you very much.

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You might find my description site useful, it doesn't have the ID numbers but it does show the define you use to allocate the node, but I may add the ID number soon as well.

As an example the Mograph Cloner can be found here...


And it shows near the bottom how to create it via C++ and Python like so

#include "../mograph/description/omograph_cloner.h"   
void SampleFunction()   
    BaseDocument *pDoc = GetActiveDocument();   
    BaseObject *pObject = BaseObject::Alloc(Omograph_cloner);   

You can search the description page for "mograph" to find the other objects.


Might also be nice if I organised them via module type as well. Maybe at some point.

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Thank you very much Kbar !
I will use it !

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Hi Peterakos,

What you can do in most situations, is drag the object/parameter to the console link field (command line) and press enter. As long as the Console is set to python, you mostly get useful information!

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