UV Mapping Projection

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I've been looking through the sdk for information on setting the UV mapping projection to Box.  I can't find any info.  I've also tried performing the task in C4D and checking the console for a clue but it doesn't register the action.

Is it possible to switch the projection via Python?  Any help or clues are greatly appreciated.

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I guess that you talk about changing the projection mode of a Texture Tag? And with "box" you mean "Cubic"?

You can change the mode by simply editing the corresponding parameter:


You find the parameter IDs of the texture tag in the C++ documentation.

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Thanks for the response but I'm looking for something else.

I already have the texture tag set to UVW mapping.  What I want to do is unwrap the texture.  In Body Paint there are projection tools that can be used to help unwrap the UVs.  One of the buttons is called "Box" and it unwraps a cube into 6 sides.

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Several years ago I asked how to execute the "Frontal" UV button in BP. And Matthias told me that we cannot execute those buttons.
I was upset about that. So he (and some other members) posted some code on how to create the UV's like the Frontal button does for me.

If Maxon can't give us access to these buttons. Then it would be nice if they posted the source code for them.
AFAIK. The code they use contains nothing secret that they need to keep secret from their competitors. It's all the same maths used by every single software company.
But math is painful.:joy:

It would handy to have the code behind those buttons.


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Well that sucks.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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as Scott mentions, it is unfortunately not possible to access this functionality.

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Thanks for checking into it.  Maybe in the future it will be available via CallCommand.

I'm writing a productivity script and it would have saved a step.  I can just click the Box button when I'm in BP adjusting the UV to fit the texture.

I'm pretty happy that python will get me to that point.  Have to leave something for humans to do or I would be out of a job. :joy:

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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

So he (and some other members) posted some code on how to create the UV's like the Frontal button does for me.


Could you point us to the posted code?


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The code was posted in C++ so I don't know if it will help you or not:

This is what I have in my C++ notes:

//This code creates the equivalent to the flat mapping button in the BP UV options  
#define SIGDIG    5.0                   //Define a value macro to be used several times later on  
static Real sign(Real n)  
  if( n > 0.0 )    return 1.0;        //Returns zero by default   
  if( n < 0.0 )    return -1.0;       //Otherwise Returns 1.0 or -1.0  
  return 0.0;  
static Real TrimDecimal(Real num, Real digits)  
  Real n;   
  n = num * Pow((Real)10.0, digits);   
  n = sign(n) * Abs(Floor(n + 0.5));   
  return n / Pow((Real)10.0, digits);   
Bool FrontalMapUVs(PolygonObject *op, Matrix mg)  
  if( !op ) return false;  
  LONG numFaces = op->GetPolygonCount();  
  LONG numVerts = op->GetPointCount();  
  Vector *pVerts = op->GetPointW();  
  CPolygon *pPolys = op->GetPolygonW();  
  UVWTag *pUVTag = (UVWTag * )op->MakeVariableTag(Tuvw, numFaces);  
  if( !pUVTag ) return false;  
  UVWHandle pUVHndl = pUVTag->GetDataAddressW();  
  if( !pUVHndl ) return false;  
  LONG ndx;  
  Real lenxinv, lenyinv, lenzinv;  
  Vector mapCenter, mapSize, vMin, vMax;  
  vMin.x = 100000.0;  
  vMin.y = 100000.0;  
  vMin.z = 100000.0;  
  vMax.x = -100000.0;  
  vMax.y = -100000.0;  
  vMax.z = -100000.0;  
  for(ndx=0; ndx<numVerts; ndx++)  
      Vector pt = pVerts[ndx] * mg;  
      if( pt.x < vMin.x ) vMin.x = pt.x;  
      if( pt.x > vMax.x ) vMax.x = pt.x;  
      if( pt.y < vMin.y ) vMin.y = pt.y;  
      if( pt.y > vMax.y ) vMax.y = pt.y;  
      if( pt.z < vMin.z ) vMin.z = pt.z;  
      if( pt.z > vMax.z ) vMax.z = pt.z;  
  mapSize.x = Abs(vMax.x - vMin.x);  
  mapSize.y = Abs(vMax.y - vMin.y);  
  mapSize.z = Abs(vMax.z - vMin.z);  
  mapCenter.x = vMin.x+(mapSize.x*0.5);  
  mapCenter.y = vMin.y+(mapSize.y*0.5);  
  mapCenter.z = vMin.z+(mapSize.z*0.5);  
  if (mapSize.x!=0.0) lenxinv = 1.0/mapSize.x;    else lenxinv = 0.0;  
  if (mapSize.y!=0.0) lenyinv = 1.0/mapSize.y;    else lenyinv = 0.0;  
  if (mapSize.z!=0.0) lenzinv = 1.0/mapSize.z;    else lenzinv = 0.0;  
  // Walk the list of polygons and map the UVs  
  for(ndx=0; ndx<numFaces; ndx++)  
      UVWStruct uvw;  
      pUVTag->Get(pUVHndl, ndx, uvw);  
      Vector pt_a = (pVerts[pPolys[ndx].a] - mapCenter) + mg.off;  
      Vector pt_b = (pVerts[pPolys[ndx].b] - mapCenter) + mg.off;  
      Vector pt_c = (pVerts[pPolys[ndx].c] - mapCenter) + mg.off;  
      Vector pt_d = (pVerts[pPolys[ndx].d] - mapCenter) + mg.off;  
      uvw.a.x = TrimDecimal((pt_a.x*lenxinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.a.y = TrimDecimal((-pt_a.y*lenyinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.b.x = TrimDecimal((pt_b.x*lenxinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.b.y = TrimDecimal((-pt_b.y*lenyinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.c.x = TrimDecimal((pt_c.x*lenxinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.c.y = TrimDecimal((-pt_c.y*lenyinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.d.x = TrimDecimal((pt_d.x*lenxinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      uvw.d.y = TrimDecimal((-pt_d.y*lenyinv)+0.5, SIGDIG);  
      pUVTag->Set(pUVHndl, ndx, uvw);  
  return true;  


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Thanks again.

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Originally posted by xxxxxxxx


as Scott mentions, it is unfortunately not possible to access this functionality.

Best wishes,

Any ideas IF this will be accessible in future SDK updates, and if this future is near or far away?

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currently we cannot make any statements on future releases or API functions.

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As the original request to access the projection buttons was from 2012, and seeing that these currently still cannot be called from Python (or even C++, if I read correctly) I thought that with the change in communication we finally would get to know if or when more access to the bodypaint module would be provided.

Thanks for reading.