Custom Renderer & Viewport Rendering

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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I'm trying to implement a custom renderer for C4D and so far
rendering within then Picture viewer appears to work correctly.
However when implementing rendering within a viewport, I have only 
been partially successful in emulating the film/resolution gate as it is
implemented in C4D, particularly the FOV and aspect ratio calculations.
Is there some sample code that demonstrates extracting the 
various camera parameters for integration with a custom renderer?
Also if there was an example of a basic Renderer plugin it would be a great help.


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currently there is no basic render plugin example. But you should find a lot information on this topic in the forums.

For rendering in the viewport you have to use the dimensions of the viewport. You can check if if the current render process is not happening in the picture viewer if the RENDERFLAGS_EXTERNAL flag is not set in the VideoPostStruct. See also this thread "MatPreview not matching camera view".

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