Instance Object

On 24/09/2015 at 04:57, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi guys.
I am developing Object Plugin.

In R16 I was able to use Spline Mask generator with Instance object (that links to a spline object) and some other spline.
In R17 Spline Object seems to ignore Instance Object at all - it does not work. If I switch that Instance Object with real Spline Object, then everything works as expected.

I was wondering, if there's some other work around this.

On 25/09/2015 at 06:37, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Tomas,

I tested the Spline Mask object in R16 and R17. In both versions it works with instances (from a user point of view).
But you seem to experience the different behavior with your own ObjectData plugin. In order to further investigate this, can you provide me with some code from your plugin? This would probably help me to reproduce the issue.

On 25/09/2015 at 06:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Andreas.
Are you sure it's working on your end?
Here's a simple scene that works on R16, but does not work on R17:

Also it has nothing to do with the plugin. I just rebuild this by hand to test Instance object, and in R17 it does not work. If you could compare this file on R16 and R17, you should see that R17 does not generate anything:)

I am on Mac.

On 25/09/2015 at 06:54, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Tomas,

looks ok here. I tested the scene on Windows R16 and R17 and MacOs R17. In all cases I see a moon-shaped spline, which I guess is the expected result.
Not sure, why it's not working on your end. But as this does not seem to be an SDK related question, I need to refer you to our support form, as we can only provide developer support and answer SDK related questions here. Sorry.

On 25/09/2015 at 06:56, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks Andreas again. Yes, it's not related to SDK, sorry.
And that's weird, as some other guys also reported this not to be working on R17.

Any ways, thanks for your input.

On 25/09/2015 at 06:58, xxxxxxxx wrote:

No problem, you are welcome.
One more thought: Perhaps "Render Instances" are enable on the instance? That's not going to work. But as it wasn't enabled in your example, I guess, that's not the point.

On 24/11/2015 at 16:59, xxxxxxxx wrote:

FYI, Tomas - I am experiencing the same behavior as you.  I am on R17/ OS X - are you as well?  Perhaps this is specific to OS X, as Andreas not not have it on Windows.
PS - I found this thread because I don't understand why this happens in R17.  i upgraded from R14, and it works with instances there.  Seems to be broken in R17

On 24/11/2015 at 17:06, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi espacedub. Yes, this is the bug in R17 - I talked to Rick Barrett about it and he confirmed that bug. It should be solved in next C4D service pack.

Let's just sit and wait for it:)