About Correction Deformmer [SOLVED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
Platform:   Windows  ;   Mac OSX  ; 
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When you add a Correction Deformmer from program Deformmer it does not function.
What do I do if I want to function normally.

BaseObject* defo=BaseObject::Alloc(1024542);
if(!defo) return false;

doc->InsertObject(defo, NULL, NULL);

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1. The Correction Deformer allows modifications on the deformed points of a deformed object.

2. In order to work, it must be added as a child of the deformed object (below other deformers for point editing).

3. After inserting something into the document, you should send an update message and add an event:


This allows the object and document to update their information.

All deformers work on other objects by being added as children of the object to be deformed.

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Thank you for letting me know.
However, it seems can not be adjusted even if the deformers that was generated by the program that added the code that you taught me a child of the polygon object.

Do not tell your code if possible?

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I'm afraid I don't understand what you are saying. What exactly is your question?

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English I'm sorry, not be explained well because it can not be.
If you generate a Correction Deformmer by adding taught code I tried to question because it could not be edited in the polygon mode.

I would like to consider the outside of the method.
The answer to the person who I am very grateful.
Thank you very much.

     BaseDocument* doc = GetActiveDocument();   
     BaseObject* op = doc->GetActiveObject();   
     if (!op) return false;   
     BaseObject* defo = BaseObject::Alloc(1024542);   
     if (!defo) return false;   

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the Correction deformer requires a (hidden) polygon and point tag. You can simple add these tags to the deformer using MakeTag() and the IDs Tpolygon and Tpoint.

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After you have added the tag as it taught me Correction Deformmer can now be edited.
To everyone I am very grateful.
thanks so much.