Tangent in tracks [SOLVED]

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How do I get the tangent values of keys in the animation tracks.
I see there are left and right values, but how are they related to tangents.

Is a track not in fact a (Bezier) spline (with key values and splines)?


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a keyframe is defined by its position in time and its value. So you can describe it as a point in a coordinate system defined by time and value. The tangent is defined by two points that accompany the keyframe. One point is left of the keyframe, one point is right of the keyrame; you can access their position in time and value using the proper functions. Just take a look at the Attribute Manager when you selected a keyframe in the Timeline window.

The difference between the animation curve and the splines you use in the viewport is that with splines you can create any form including loops etc. The animation curve in contrast is a function that defines for each point in time only one valid value.

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OK, thanks.