Team Render - Precalculating GI Prepass

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I can't find information on how to precalculate the GI prepass on a single node and allow it to be
distributed to all nodes before actually rendering any buckets. Is there any information available
that can be shared?

I have an idea on how it could  be done, so if that's the correct approach, I'd like to receive some
confirmation or slight corrections please.

So my idea would be that the client continuously sends MSG_NETRENDER_GET_CACHE until the server
replies that the cache has been computed with the "cacheValid" flag and sends the data to the client with
the "cacheData" attribute if the NetRenderMsgGetCache structure. The cache would be computed on the
TR server.

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I guess there are 2 cases.
1- using light cache/photon mapping/irradiance cache
in this case, you can split the render into 2 tasks, 1 to save "only on your single node", second to read that on team render nodes.

2- a brute force GI
this doesn't have any pre-pass.