Calling "Bake" Button in the Bake Texture Tag ?

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Im trying to start the baking of a texture using python.
But i cant seems to get it working correcty.

Does anyone know how i can start the bakeing prosess ?

Here is a sniped of my code.

if object != None:  
  # only do it for polygon objects.  
  if object.GetType() == 5100:  
      tags = object.GetTags()  
      for tag in tags:  
          # Check if its a bake textuure tag and start the bake..  
          if tag.GetType() == 5616:  
              c4d.CallButton(tag, c4d.BAKETEXTURE_BAKE)  

What do i need to do??

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not sure what is going wrong for you.
Your code looks ok and I quickly tested it here without problems in Script Manager:

import c4d
def main() :
    obj = doc.GetActiveObject()
    if obj == None:
    tag = obj.GetTag(c4d.Tbaketexture)
    if tag == None:
    c4d.CallButton(tag, c4d.BAKETEXTURE_BAKE)
if __name__=='__main__':

A small side note, I'd recommend to use the constants provided by the SDK instead of hard coded values.

Where are you using this code? In a script, a plugin (if so, which type and where), Interaction tag, Python tag, Python Xpresso node or Sketch material?

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lol all you need is this V pop up , 
Download Cinema 4D_Studio_Pro_Setup_2015 just Search for it 
and go in Cinema 4D_Studio_Pro_Setup_2015\NEW! Scheme Editor Colors folder\prefs
copy c4d_M_GLOBAL_POPUP and paste it in your prefs folder 
start c4d 
and press V 
you have a list call Baking Tools!

Cheers bro!

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