Parameter set in init of MaterialData plugin

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Cinema 4D Version:   R16 
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Hello !

I have created a Custom GUI Data plugin along with an iCustom class and a UserArea.
The value that is set to and get from the user area is LONG.

So, in the resource file i use:

In the material plugin init function i set the value of MY_PARAMETER to 9 using the GetDataInstance of the node.
When the initGLImage is called, i get the value of MY_PARAMETER using again the data, but this time it has value of 1.

I have checked these values in the very first call of Init and InitGLImage
Is there anything that is called between and affects the value of MY_PARAMETER?

Thank you for your time.

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Another thing i forgot to mention is that in the first call of SetData of the iCustomGui, the Long value of 
tristate.GetValue().GetLong() is always 1.

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does this also happen when you don't use your custom GUI for that parameter or does it only happen in that case?

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this happens here too!! in my custom data type with tri state, in a material data plugin, there is Init(), SetDParameter() and GetDParameter(),  SetDParameter() is overriding the custom data value before Init(), didn't find a solution yet, help please Sebastian.

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Here is a more detailed case that explains where the problem resides.

Lets say i have 2 versions of a Material Data plugin.
First i use the version 1 which inits MY_PARAMETER to 3.
I run my project,  save it and then exit c4d.
Then, I switch to version 2 of Material Data plugin which inits the same param to 9.
Bu this param is already set to 3 in project.
So after init in version 2, the param is read from the project file (value 3).

My question was why the parameter has value where nowhere i set it in the code, so this solves it.
Thank you.

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what do you mean with "2 versions of a Material Data plugin"? Two instances of the same class or two different plugin classes? And also, does this behavior only happen with your custom GUI or also without it?

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By saying 2 versions of material Data Plugin i mean 2 implementation versions of this plugin.
I use #define _RUN_VERSION_1_ and _RUN_VERSION_2_ to define which one to run each time.

The reason why i need to do this is because i use different interfaces. Different interfaces equals to different parameters. That means i also use 2 different versions of .res files.

My mistake was that in version 1 i was setting parameters that didn't actually exist in that implementation (or lets say in the corresponding *.res file).

Nevertheless in version 2 they were retrieved from the project file and used after the initialization.

Also this issue appears even without my custom gui .


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to just to understand what you are saying: you set different #defines, you recompile your plugin and then test it?

Do the different versions of your plugin also use different plugin IDs? It not, they are the same plugin for Cinema.

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Hello !

Originally posted by xxxxxxxx

to just to understand what you are saying: you set different #defines, you recompile your plugin and then test it?


Also, the different versions don't use different Plugin IDs.

My problem is that by mistake, in a previous version of Material Data plugin, 
i have used data->setLong(2100, 5) even though parameter 2100 didn't exist.

Now (version 2) i have to use 2100 in a totally different case. But the parameter 2100 already exists in user projects with value 5. That means i cannot initialize it properly in Init(...), since the data from project file are retrieved.

Here is what can solve my problem:

  1. find a way to totally clear the parameter 2100 in a project.
  2. Set the value of parameter 2100 in Init, even though it already has a value in the project file.

Thank you !

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So it seems you don't have a problem with your plugin or your code but with a scene? You can set the version of a plugin in its Register() function, for example in RegisterMaterialPlugin(). This value is useful if you implement Read() and Write().

If you want to "delete" a parameter you can try to create some script that accesses the material's BaseContainer in your scene and removes an entry using RemoveData().

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Can i use the RemoveData in the Read() method of the material (no matter the version)?

Bool Read (GeListNode* node, HyperFile* hf, Int32 level){
	BaseContainer* data = ((BaseList2D* )node)->GetDataInstance();
	data->RemoveData(2100);// or data->setLong(2100, 8);
	return NodeData::(node, hf, level);

Thank You.

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it seems that this could work. But I'm not sure if it could have side effects so please test carefully.

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