GeUserArea keyboard focus

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what exactly are you doing in InvokeCommandCall() and what consequences does SendParentMessage() have? Do you also loose the focus if you don't call InvokeCommandCall()?

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here is what I do:

static Bool InvokeCommandCall(GeDialog* dialog, Int32 id) {
    BaseContainer actionmsg(BFM_ACTION), actionresult;
    actionmsg.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_ID, id);
    return dialog->Message(actionmsg, actionresult);

in iCustomGui subclass:

    virtual Bool Command(Int32 id, const BaseContainer& msg) {
        if (id == COMMANDMSG_VALUECHANGED) {
            SendValueChanged(this, msg);
        return TRUE;
static Bool SendValueChanged(iCustomGui* dlg, BaseContainer msg) {
    msg.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_ID, dlg->GetId());
    msg.SetData(BFM_ACTION_VALUE, dlg->GetData().GetValue());
    //GePrint("just msg " + String::IntToString((static_cast<iSnodeDataType*> (msg.GetData(BFM_ACTION_VALUE).GetCustomDataType(SEVENPHOTONS_NODE_CUSTOMDATATYPE)))->count));
	return dlg->SendParentMessage(msg);

which is simply updating my CustomDataType members, so if user interacts with GeUserArea,  InvokeCommandCall()  is the update function.

if I remove  InvokeCommandCall()  , there is a delay, but it works without a problem, what should I do?

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why are you sending a message in InvokeCommandCall() and then again with SendParentMessage()? Typically one uses SendParentMessage() to inform the parent dialog that something changed.  See the example on GitHub.

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I see, but the problem remains "I removed all calls to SendParentMessage(), all calls now are InvokeCommandCall()"

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actually I would have suggested to remove that InvokeCommandCall() stuff and just send the SendParentMessage() to react accordingly when you catch that message.

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I will try, will reply soon with an update if it worked or not, thanks Sebastian.

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Hi Sebastian,
I know that was a little old, but I reworked the code and did many tests to see where the problem is.
now what I can confirm: (attached a piece of the code..)

Bool SNodeUserArea::InputEvent(const BaseContainer& msg)
	Int32 dev = msg.GetInt32(BFM_INPUT_DEVICE);
	Int32 chn = msg.GetInt32(BFM_INPUT_CHANNEL);
	GePrint("any event!!");
		GePrint("any key is pressed");
		if(chn == KEY_DELETE)
			if (!selection)
				return true;
			BaseContainer actionk(BFM_ACTION);
			actionk.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_ID, GetId());
			actionk.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_VALUE, 0);
			actionk.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_UPDATE, true);
			//InvokeCommandCall(GetDialog(), COMMANDMSG_VALUECHANGED, actionk);
			return true;

the problem is:
after a mouse click "for example selecting a node in my userarea" , this changes the data of my CustomDataType, once this is done, the focus is gone!

so next keyboard hit is missing "the whole InputEvent() is not called at all!" , so I have to click again.
I also tested it with your example, your example works fine!, the only difference that I see is: in many cases I may send multiple parent messages... "is this a problem?"

though I hacked around it, not sure if this is fine or not "you may tell " , I set:
action.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_UPDATE, true);

this forced it to work! , so if this is fine you can consider this solved or suggest a better alternative

On 30/12/2015 at 14:33, xxxxxxxx wrote:

ok I found a pitfall!!, action.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_UPDATE, true); actually updates immediatly BUT ignores the data change update "so the GeUserArea updates, but the internal data doesn't get a refresh "as this user area can be seen in multiple object managers, I see it only updating in 1 location when  action.SetInt32(BFM_ACTION_UPDATE, true); is active!"

on the other hand without this line, it got the keyboard delay focus, ideas?

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Hi Mohamed,

Sorry for my late reply.
Sebastian will be back next week and I'm sure he'll be able to give you feedback and ideas for your problem.

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Hello Mohamed,

your last posts are a little bit confusing. Can you post your current code of all relevant classes and functions?

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On 04/01/2016 at 04:44, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Sebastian,

I guess the functions are getting delayed due to heavy processing "when the MatPreview is rendering the this problem happens!".

so I guess it is a wait for event loop that get ignored due to thread being busy in rendering.
but the problem as I posted, and the code is quite complex!! "more than 7k lines../+ I can't strip it ".

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I do not understand how material preview rendering is related to this thread. Without more specific information I don't think it is possible to give more help.

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He Sebastian,

it is a long story "this GeUserArea is a custom gui for a custom data type inside my MaterialData plugin".
but I tested when rendering is off too, it didn't work for unknown reason, I guess I will accept the result anyway.

you can consider this solved/closed.