get Count of existing preset libraries [SOLVED]

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To browse preset libraries you need to specify a db_index in Alloc.

AutoAlloc<SDKBrowsePresets> lib(db_index);

If i want to parse all that are present i would need to how many there are. How do i get this value?

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to browse the content of the preset library you could also use the category node returned by GetCategoryNode(). This could look like this:

SDKBrowserContentNodeRef ref = SDKBrowser::GetCategoryNode(SDKBrowser::CategoryPresetNodes);  
if (!ref)   
 return false;  
for (ref = ref->GetDown(); ref; ref = ref->GetNext())  
 // Check child elements  
 SDKBrowserContentNodeRef child = ref->GetDown();  
 while (child)  
     GePrint("----" + child->GetName());  
     child = child->GetNext();  

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that seems to work
thanks Sebastian!