questions about network rendering.

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Cinema 4D Version:   15+ 
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I need to understand how does render nodes work with Cinema4D
so consider a customer bought my plugin + 10 render nodes, how to apply this inside Cinema4D?

"the question is not about how to license, it is about how to achieve a goal with the SDK, may be general guide lines of where to start, etc..".

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what goals do you want to achieve? A simple plugin should not have to care about Team Render.

One possible issue is the handling of external assets. A file is rendered using Team Render with all its assets. You you have to support the "Save Project" functionality by reacting to the messages MSG_GETALLASSETS and MSG_MULTI_CLEARSUGGESTEDFOLDER.

When you want to support a render engine it should automatically support distributed animation rendering when PLUGINFLAG_VIDEOPOST_ISRENDERER_NET is set. Only if one wants to support distributed single frame rendering much more code is needed.

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Hi Sebastian,
let's consider a user got a network of 100 nodes, and his license is only about 5 nodes, how to the restrictions using Team Render?

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I'm afraid there is no official way to handle your situation. In your VideoPost plugin you could check the VideoPostStruct if the net member is set. If so you can use this NetRenderDocumentContext to get information about the rendering process and the host. Please notice that these components are not documented and only limited support can be given.

You would have to establish some form for network communication with the host application to exchange information on licenses or keys etc. There is no specific functionality the API to support this, so you have to build a solution on your own. You could also check licenses when your plugin is loaded in PluginStart(). There you could check if the current version is a render client and react accordingly.

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