Bug Found when copying tags [CLOSED]

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Cinema 4D Version:   R16.50 
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Not sure if this is the place to submit these kind of bugs, hopefully someone can direct this to where it needs to go.

When you go to clone multiple tags (ex. cloning a material tag) and one of the tags selected can only be applied to an object once (ex. compositing tag, external compositing tag), when you undo the tag that can only be applied once gets deleted.

Recreateable test scene.

New Scene.
Create a cube.
Apply a compositing tag to the cube.
Apply a material tag to the cube.
Select both tags and ctrl+drag to duplicate both tags.
(you should now have 2 material tags and one compositing tag as intended)
Now undo.
Poof. No more compositing tag.

It looks like when you press undo, it's removing both clones. However during duplication, since there can only be one compositing tag, the original compositing tag gets removed and only the clone remains. When the undo happens, it doesn't take into account the removal of the tag. Hence, the vanishing tag.

I've only tested this with compositing tags and external compositing tags. I believe this will happen with any other tag where there is only one of that specific tag allowed per object.

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Hi Herbie,

as this does not seem to be SDK related, it would be best to post this to the support form.