Rewrite a Python script for Cinema 4d for FS SDK

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My name is Ashton Rolle and I am a Cinema 4d user for 5 years, but never scripted for Cinema 4D. I would like if you can help me script a convert a SDK script for cinema 4d,but Blenber as it and its Python, so would really love the help if you can please.
So this blender sdk for the flight sim sdk :
( )
download thes files:
( )

And the fsx sdk is free so no big thing guys and blender sdk-(Blender2FSX) is free too.

and its in blender guys, i sure it can work for c4d , downlad the files and onpen the pyp files , see what would need to be done . So c4d can have the SDK for flight Sim
C4d is a great tool for Scenery Dev Big smile

( )

Would love y'all guys feedback!

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Hello and welcome,

please do not post your messages multiple times across the forum. We deleted your posts in the SDK Help and Python subfourm to keep the forum organized. You can of course post new messages in these subforums if you have specific questions regarding the API. If you are looking for cooperation with other developers you can post in this subforum.

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sorry just really need help sir