Integrals and Conditions for Formula Spline

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(May be it's not directly related with Python coding but overall I'm writing those in python for formula spline)
I'm trying to adapt some nice useful equations to Cinema 4D.
Some of them I was able to adapt but some with integrals I cannot understand;
(How to adapt integrals ?)
I even asked one of my mathematician friend. She explained but we could not find how to adapt it to Cinema 4D. Here is one example of Cornu or Eulers Spiral

I tried to write it as :

cos ( (t*pi*sqr(100) / 2))
sin ((t*pi*sqr(100) / 2))

But did not work. Can anyone explain me please? I want to learn syntax not only try to solve it. (Because there are lots of other examples to adapt)

And also from formula appendix there is an example for conditions :
like if (3=3;10;20) what is the meaning of field after first semicolon and other semicolon. Normally after if condition there is a rule but here there are two. Confused.

What is it for ? : Well I have already done 35 formula splines with userdata controls. I'm planning to make a library about it. So I would be glad if anyone help me.


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as this is actually not SDK related, you could try to use the support form (but you will probably need an MSA). Or maybe someone from the community has an idea. As far as I know, there's no way to integrate in the formula, so you will need to look for a series expansion.

Regarding the if: The syntax is "if (cond; value/formula A; value/formula B)". Now, if cond is true value or formula A will be used, if false B is used.

I saw you cross-posted on CGTalk. Cross-posting is not the best idea. But if you have to do, please keep us informed and provide information you received in another forum. So work is not done twice.