What is hierarchyhelp? How to access/use it?

On 24/07/2015 at 11:03, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Some of the functions I'm trying to run require a "hh" variable, which I can't access. How to use them properly?

BaseObject.GetHierarchyClone(hh, op, flags)

On 27/07/2015 at 03:27, xxxxxxxx wrote:


'hh' parameter is of type HierarchyHelp. This helper class is used to handle the virtual objects hierarchy.

The HierarchyHelp class isn't availabale in the Python API but it's passed to ObjectData.GetVirtualObjects() and the Python generator main() function.
This way it can be passed along when calling the virtual objects hierarchy methods:
BaseObject.GetAndCheckHierarchyClone(), BaseObject.GetHierarchyClone(), BaseObject.GetCache(), BaseObject.CheckCache() etc.