Get suffix of SceneSaver plugin

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Is there any way to get the suffix of a SceneSaver plugin?

I know it's supplied in RegisterSceneSaver but I don't see any method to query it. It seems that SaveDocument automatically force-appends the suffix for FBX, but not for any other format.

In my plugin I'm using FilterPluginList to get all available SceneSavers and offering those as options to the user, then using SaveDocument to save in the appropriate format.

It appears that the suffix is placed in the Name of the plugin within parentheses - is string-parsing the name a reliable option to get the suffix?

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it seems there is no direct way to access the suffix. The name returned from GetName() is the name of the plugin set with RegisterSceneSaverPlugin(). So for the exporters shipped with Cinema 4D the name contains the suffix but this may not be the case for third party exporters.

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