NetFrameInit(), etc.

  • On 07/07/2015 at 00:54, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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    Cinema 4D Version:   R15/R16 
    Platform:   Windows  ;   Mac OSX  ; 
    Language(s) :     C++  ;


    is there an example that shows what NetFrameInit(), NetFrameMessage() and NetFrameFree()
    are supposed to look like? I've got a document about these functions here, but I still got not clue
    what to do in these functions.

    NetFrameInit() is called, then the Execute() passes (on the VideoPost ofc) in which it renders as
    it would usually do, a NetFrameMessage() in between and it keeps "Team Rendering ..." with a
    blank image in the Picture Viewer.

    I think that the VideoPost Plugin is supposed to use the MultipassBitmap passed to NetFrameInit()
    to render the output image into, but when I want to save the MultipassBitmap for later use in
    Execute(), it doesn't work because it is passed to some other copy of the VideoPost plugin (I compared
    the address of this  in NetFrameInit() and Execute() in the debugger).

    So what exactly are we supposed to do in NetFrameInit(), etc. and what must be done different
    in Execute()

    Thanks in advance,

  • On 08/07/2015 at 01:48, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Just for everybody's information: Sebastian is working on an example for this topic.
    We'll publish it on GitHub as soon as it's done. I'll add a note to this thread as soon as the example is available.

  • On 25/07/2015 at 07:05, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hello! Thanks for the example you sent me, I hope you get it on GitHub soon so others can profit from
    it as well. It helped me a lot, the only thing I'm stuck with is Multipass Layers. I currently only send the
    VPBUFFER_RGBA back to the Server (same as the example), but I don't know how I should send the
    multipass layers (and which). Since the NET library is barely to not documented in the C++ docs, it's
    even hard to derive how it should be done.

    Thanks in advance!

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