Watermark plugin How to?

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Hi there!
I was trying to make the watermark plugin (although i know you can just add watermark in R16).Just for practice.
The watermark should appear in the final render only. 
I found some steps here:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop, make a new 800x600 image with your logo in the bottom corner and save as "logo.psd".
  • Add a new texture in CD4 and double click it to bring up the Material Editor.
  • Untick all options on the left then tick "Trasparency".
  • With  "Transparency"  selected, click the right arrow next to  "Texture"  and "Load Image". Select "logo.psd" then close the dialog.
    • NOTE: You now have options to 'Edit Image...' (in Photoshop) and 'Reload Image...' to modify the image..
  • Go  Objects > Scene > Foreground, then apply your new texture to the "Foreground" object.
  • Click the "Render View" button to see the result.

But can somebody please tell me how to implement this in python.
I know that i have to initialize a new Basematerial Object but what after that?How do i let the user select the .psd file from plugin interface?

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actually I think for a watermark you'd want to implement a VideoPost plugin. But there already is a ready-made watermark videopost build into Cinema. Just go into the render settings, add "Effect...": "Watermark"

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Have you been able to come up with a solution?