Please explain this code

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Hey guys
I came across some python code for cinema 4d here:
This is i am trying to reverse engineer it how he made the code.
Can somebody pls explain the algorithm or the process he used for making this plugin (allowing alternate selections). I know I am asking for a lot ( website is in french!!!) but it would be gr8 if someone gave a detailed explanation and not just hints. 
Thanks a lot in advance.

any help would be appreciated (you can link me to resources where i can learn about handling polygon selections in python for cinema 4d).

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My approach would be to:
Translate and replace all the french words.
Add a print statement to every function.
Look up all the SDK methods in there to get a feel for what they do and what class they belong to.
Run it in cinema to get a feel for what it does.

Or just email the guy and ask :)


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I have tried playing with the plugin but i cannot understand what Sélectionner, Sur and Décalage do.
They have varied translation in french. The author is not replying mails. I guess its an old account he uses no more.
for eg. Decalage means shift in english. It means the intervals right? but it is not working so.

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I'll leave the code discussion to the community.
From my side only a link, where BaseSelect class is documented.

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@CreamyGiraffe Try PM him here: César

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An upgrated version of this script including a lot of selections tools is available here in French, English and Czech, CreamyGiraffe :

I can't explain you all the algo, but you might find all you need with the Neighbor class :

You start at a selected poly and search the selected neighbor polys from it, and the selected neighbor of the neighbors, etc.

PS : It's not because I don't answer you in the day that my address is unused...

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thanks César