I'd like to contribute to Python SDK Doc

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I have learned the following topics, which are not documented as simple stepping stones in the Python SDK Documentation. I'd like to change that, perhaps to the cookbook section, which is very bare.

You don't have to read this whole list; it's just for my memory what I'm covering. I have started creating various videos so that I have archived the memory in some way, although text/graphics is probably the best medium for such tutorials. I will post links to my video tutorials when they are uploaded.

* Creating a texture
* Creating a color shader for the texture
* Creating a texture tag, applying it to the object
* Using the Console to discover how to access much of the data in C4D.
* Using the Script Manager to save time testing your script.
* Using Script Manager with external text editor
* creating a script icon for placing in your GUI
* Creating Mograph selection
* General object creation routine (create, title, insert to document)
* Undo history - although I don't quite have the ordering right. I didn't bother to experiment, but if I will then this will be another notch under my belt.
* Creating Xpresso Tag
* Modifying Cloner attributes
* Creating Xpresso Nodes / Ports. Creating Python Nodes/Ports
* Creating UserData, accessing the data from Python and adding Userdata to Xpresso Ports.
* Create a mograph shader effector - create color and control the color
* Create and populate Python tag from Python script
* Using Script Log to record some activity in GUI, such as tool selection.
* How to get an ID of some Xpresso Node that hasn't have a documented constant so that you can add it yourself via Python
* Navigating Trees GetDown() GetNext()
* How to get an Xpresso Node's PORT's Main ID's that are undocumented or unknown, so that you can add them from Python (using res files or python query of xpresso node port)
* Discover Python Tag's datatype I/O IDs so you can add python xpresso node input/output ports of different data types.
* How to add an Xpresso port of an individual element of a Vector
* Add In/Exclude to Userdata from Python

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That would be great! The dev's will have to answer how this could be accomplished.


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Hi bazz,

welcome to PluginCafé forums. 🙂
It's very generous to offer your help in improving the Python docs. We are in the process of improving the docs (which will probably be a long-time project). Your contribution would be very much appreciated. But as we won't be able to include videos and we will also have to review for quality and completeness before integrating into the official documentation, I'd suggest to release your recipes on a blog of your own.
In that way, everybody could access it right away and we could review it there and integrate your contributions while we progress. Of course we'd mention your name on such articles (only if you want and like).