Xpresso Adding Object Outports causes Yellowing

On 23/06/2015 at 07:59, xxxxxxxx wrote:

# Add cube
xnode_cube = nodemaster2.CreateNode(nodemaster2.GetRoot(),c4d.ID_OPERATOR_OBJECT,None,200,0)
xnode_cube[c4d.GV_OBJECT_OBJECT_ID] = cube
#Transmogrofy cube
xport_cube_IN_SizeX = xnode_cube.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_INPUT, \n	c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_X)))
xport_cube_IN_SizeY = xnode_cube.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_INPUT, \n	c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_Y)))
xport_cube_IN_SizeZ = xnode_cube.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_INPUT, \n	c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_Z)))
#xport_cube_OUT_SizeX = xnode_cube.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_OUTPUT, \n#	c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_X)), message=True)
#xport_cube_OUT_SizeY = xnode_cube.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_OUTPUT, \n#	c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_Y)), message=True)
# Size . X : 10000001 : 1000

If I uncomment any of the above code that adds the output Ports, then the node goes yellow :[
In fact, even if I don't add the output ports from Python, there is still something wrong, because if I add the output ports on this node created from Python, and then toggle back to the main view, then the node will yellow again.. 
But if I create the node from Xpresso/C4D GUI, then it never yellows.. :[

On 24/06/2015 at 08:35, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Having more experience with this issue! I noticed some odd behavior both in my cloner thread in this same forum, and with this issue here. The commonality between these two threads has to do with the fact that I have a tabbed "view" and "Xpressor Editor" .. The funny thing is that if I run my python script when the "Xpresso Editor" is active.. The object node doesn't experience yellowing!! Until I go into my "View" tab.. when I return to the "Xpresso Editor" tab it will be yellowed.. I'm pretty sure that is what I experienced.. and if I run the script with the "View" tab active, the node is immediately witnessed as Yellow upon entering the "Expresso Editor" .. I hope this helps you bug bounty hunters

On 30/06/2015 at 05:55, xxxxxxxx wrote:


for a proper setup you also have to define the datatype of the parameter:

baseNode.AddPort(c4d.GV_PORT_OUTPUT,c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.PRIM_CUBE_LEN, **c4d.DTYPE_VECTOR** , 0), c4d.DescLevel(c4d.VECTOR_X, **c4d.DTYPE_REAL** , 0)))  

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