Spline Shape in Deformer [SOLVED]

On 21/06/2015 at 14:41, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello, I need Help again. I try to setup the Splinedeformer. In my Script I change the Radius of the Splinedeformer. The Problem is that this change does not update the Shape-Spline in the next field.
I guess that is a Bug? I tied a AddEvent. But it just doesnt update. 
I also Tried: SplineDeformer.Message(c4d.MSG_UPDATE)
But no Luck. With Coffee-Scripts I am able to update the Splinedeformer Radius.

So The way I would like to solve this is to modify the spline in the Shape parameter with the Script. But I cant find anything in the SDK.

Or is there another Way to force an Update of the Spline-Shape after changing Radius?

On 21/06/2015 at 14:54, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Forget it...I just tried with MSG_DESCRIPTION_VALIDATE. That worked.