Updating GUI

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Hi all,

I want to update my PluginGUI.
So I make a chek and then wanna activate one ore the other group in my gui
But what is to be done that my MainDialog is updated

Here is my code:

    def UpdateLayout(self) :   
        doc = c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument()   
        pree_check = []   
        pree_check = a_polygon_selektion_tag_is_selected(doc)   
        is_selected = pree_check[0]   
        if is_selected == True:   
            self.Enable(res.GRP_DEAKTIVATED_REASON, True)   
            print "es ist etwas selektiert"   
            print "nichts ist selektiert"   
            self.Enable(res.GRP_POLYGONS_AUTOMATICLY, True)   
    return True   

Thanks a lot

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you can update a group of your dialog layout using LayoutChanged(), typically in combination with LayoutFlushGroup(). You find and extensive dialog example in the C++ GitHub repository.

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Hello Kissling,

was your question answered?

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